Andrew Rose Gregory

The Song of Songs

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an album by Andrew Rose Gregory and the Color Red Band

Track List:

  1. This is the Song of Songs
  2. Your Love is Better Than Wine
  3. Where We Lie Down, Our Bed is Green
  4. My Dove in the Clefts of the Rock, in the Shadow of the Cliff
  5. I Am My Lover's & My Lover is Mine
  6. In the Garden of Ein Gedi
  7. I am Dark and I am Beautiful
  8. Catch Us the Quick Little Foxes That Raid Our Vineyards When the Vines are in Bloom
  9. If You Find My Lover, Tell Him I am Faint with Love
  10. He is Radiant & He is Ruddy
  11. Who is That Coming Up from the Desert, Leaning on Her Lover?
  12. Set Me as a Seal
  13. Let Me See You Now!