Happy Sad Songs

First Upload

Mar 26, 2014




We can all agree that some of the best songs ever written are just too sad. And, some of the happiest songs could use a little bit of a reality check to align properly with the solemnity of the human experience. The Gregory Brothers agree, and they are putting pop songs in their place, and smiles on your face (at least one smile per face, maybe more.)

Exploring the modal emotions of greatest pop songs of the day by flipping them on their head, in Happy Sad Songs, the Gregory Brothers take a popular song and change the key, mode, tone, style, or all of the above, and re-create the concept in video.

Songs in Major key go to Minor. Songs in Minor key go to Major. Sad songs are played happy. Happy songs made very sad. Mediocre songs with no emotional investment are unceremoniously ignored.