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For sending us your amazing fan art, mailbag letters, and figurines, here's our mailbox!

The Gregory Brothers
442-D Lorimer St. 
Brooklyn, NY 11206-1030

Some Frequently Asked Questions You May Have:

Can I use your music/cover your songs in my YouTube video?

Probably! We're fine with you using our music in the background of your non-commercial YouTube videos or creating your own versions of our songs. You might get a content claim from our YouTube network, but that's usually automated and won't harm your YouTube account (though it may put ads on the video from our network). And be sure to tweet your creations at us! (If you're looking to license our music for anything other than YouTube video, such as for commercial/professional purposes, please contact us via the form above.)

Where are your songs from?

We craft songs from the fabric of the universe and also our brains. Which is to say we write all our music, unless specified otherwise in the video description.

What do you use to make your songs/videos?

It can depend on the project but we usually use Logic and then edit videos using Adobe Premiere/After Effects.

Will you Songify me/my friend/my favorite YouTuber?

Maybe? We are pretty booked up for the immediate future but we do collaborate with other YouTubers from time to time and we're always on the lookout for viral videos. Tweet us suggestions or tell us in comments who we should work with next. If you want to Songify something from your life, you can use our app, for iPhone or Android.

Where can I get your songs?

It depends! There are some songs available for purchase here on this website, just click Shop. Other songs are available on iTunes. Some songs are only available for download for our supporters on Patreon.