We Are The Gregory Brothers

The Gregory Brothers - Photo by Denny Renshaw

Andrew, Evan, Sarah, and Michael

Our primary purpose is to Songify® the universe (because everything is better as a song, duh.) We spend our days and nights taking things that were not songs and turning them into songs.

Check out our YouTube channel where we make videos like Songify the News (previously Auto-Tune the News), classics like  Bed Intruder Song & to Double Rainbow Song, & originals that shall make you wonder at the magnanimity of the world, or maybe just say “wut? why’d i watch that?”

Or our second channel, full of Happy Sad Songs, behind-the-scenes stuff, vlogs, covers, original songs, barbershop tags, WikiWars, live concert footage and much much more! 

Also find us on Facebook and Twitter so you can send us suggestions for our next vid–then we can sing and dance along together, our true destiny.

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