The Gregory Brothers are Michael, Andrew, Evan, and Sarah Gregory. In their series Songify This! and Songify The News (née Auto-Tune the News), they make songs out of stuff that wasn’t intended to be a song. The State of the Union Address can become a booty jam and a local news report might be a club hit, through what The New York Times calls “a combination of old-fashioned musical ability, high-tech skills and the do-whatever-you-want spirit of the World Wide Web.” Their YouTube channel, schmoyoho (accent on the “yo”) has over 600 million views, which is well over 9000.

The Gregory Brothers’ unique musical and comedy stylings began when baby Evan, Michael, and Andrew created hilaaarious cassette mixtapes in their living room in Radford, Virginia. Man, they really cracked up. These seminal works are now sadly lost despite the best efforts of our nation’s paleontologists.

In 2007 they rejoined forces to tour as a band, adding the prodigious talents of Evan’s now wife, Sarah, who left her budding career in paleontology due to having no desire to study fossils, merely a desire to sing about them. Shortly thereafter they discovered their calling as songification scientists, calling forth from the depths of the internet the universe’s greatest unheard melodies. To this day, The Gregory Brothers create music and video to the delight of humans everywhere.

“The Gregory Brothers are unlikely salvagers of our modern digital wasteland.” – The Village Voice

“The Gregory Brothers have invented a completely new art form that is perfectly suited to our meme-crazed times, and — most difficult to replicate — is incredibly well made. Their skills are obvious and their ears perceptive, as evidenced by the way in which they mimic pop music tropes to perfection.” –

“The Gregory Brothers have contributed something very important to American culture” – Rachel Maddow

“Absolutely fantastic!” – Glenn Beck


Some behind-the-scenes investigations:

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