We helped make a tiny piece of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

There is a great new TV show that now exists called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You might say:

Wha? TV? I don’t think so. It’s on Netflix.

And then we would say:

You better expand your mind, because the future is coming quickly. And the present is also coming quickly, and in the present, shows created for Netflix are TV shows, get over it.

And then you would probably be like:

I see your point and I have come around to your perspective.

(Now is probably the best time to mention that we are available for debate-coaching services if you are a candidate for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.)

Long before we were involved, the show creators, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, came up with the idea of a show about a lady rescued from a cult leader who had kept her trapped underground. In the first episode, this fictional news story fascinates the nation – and Tina, Robert, and Jeff Richmond (an executive producer and the music composer for the show) had the idea that the spread of the news story could be demonstrated with a viral remix of a man-on-the-street news interview. Fortunately for us, we are known in the non-fictional world for making videos just like this – but hold that thought! Meanwhile Jeff, Tina, and Robert composed the theme music for the show, incorporating phrases from the fake news interview into the song. It is awesome.

They alive, dammit!
It’s a miracle!
They alive, dammit!
Females are strong as HELL!

When all the episodes were shot and it came time to package them up with titles and credits and such, the show creators and producers talked to Pentagram, a powerhouse design firm. Elliott, a designer there, knew us and suggested we help with the viral video elements of the show. Then Pentagram called us and asked if we could do it. After they revived us with smelling salts, we said “YES!” because working with Jeff, Tina, and Robert is the sort of thing that makes you so excited you pass out, but then also say “YES!” Thanks Elliott!

Pentagram did end up doing the titles and we helped with the viral-video-within-a-show: put the finishing songification touches on the interview of the character Walter Bankston (played by Mike Britt), and cut the video of the “news” footage with other clips to make a video that looked just like the ones we do on YouTube.

For those of you who have already finished the show (like us!), and who are already desperately waiting for Season 2 (like us!), here’s the full-length version of that video, just as if we were living in the fictional world of the show and the show only revealed about 30 seconds it before moving on with the story. We hope it makes the wait for Season 2 a little less brutal!

We meet Vice President Biden and he likes our videos.

Vice President Joe Biden helped us deliver a Valentine’s Day message to the people. We love you.

While we were hanging out, the Vice President told us, “You guys are good. I especially like the one where you got Nancy banging the gavel and I’m going, ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs’ — it’s about the only thing I ever said that made any sense.” We blushed and mumbled something incoherent. Anyway, here is the video to which the Vice President was referring.

3 Gregorys 1 Biden med


…….But, Can Balls Truly Be Perfect?

A question that has haunted men through ages untold. In an imperfect world, marred by sin, conflict, transgression, and high fructose corn syrup, can anything ever be perfect? Can any worldly act or object reach out of the cave of our experience toward that ideal Platonic form of itself….and touch it? More specifically, could balls be perfect? Could there be perfect balls? It may not be the answer, but one answer lies here, from the philosopher and essayist Tom Brady of Brookline, Massachusetts.

In other important cultural news, President Obama dropped his mixtape the other day and it’s super hot fire.

Sometimes songs be soundin’ like other songs!

It’s hard to believe. It’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Wow, that song I thought I knew….that song I thought I loved…….sometimes it sounds like a different song. Like if a different artist performs the song, or like if you change the key of the song, or like if you change the instruments or whatever.”

But then you do look yourself in the eye, in the mirror that is, and you take a deep breath, and you steel yourself against the uncertainties that this new day may bring. And then you go listen to some songs.

We just keep making these dang videos.

Despite increasing awareness of our own mortality and the futility of all effort and care, we have made videos. As the water of the millstream is inexorably pulled onto the wheel, interminably moving stone to grist, so we are pulled onto the internet, wherein we create song and video for the eyes of millions or none, it matters not.